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  • PlayerDIY Web Player V2.4.0.6 Strengthened a Faster and Smoother Cooperation with Its ExtPlaylist Plugin

    Posted on April 14th, 2010 Toby 128 comments

    PlayerDIY Web Player V2.4.0.6 is newly published with the enhanced ability to ensure a faster and smoother cooperation with its Ext Playlist Plugin and perfect bug-fixings.

    Shenzhen P.R.C – Apr, 14th, 2010 – PlayerDIY Software Co., Ltd. (http://www.moyeamedia.com): a rising developer of flash applications for the internet and multimedia software, today officially announces the release of its 19th edition PlayerDIY Web Player V2.4.0.6 with the stronger power to generate flash video players with external playlists when cooperating with one of its plugins named PlayerDIY Ext Playlist Plugin.

    PlayerDIY Web Player is one of the best flash video player creating and customizing programs for all-level users to make their own web player which can be embedded in multiple platforms. What’s more, users can adopt various PlayerDIY Plugins to extend player’s capability and bring more diversities to the created web player since version V2.0.

    PlayerDIY Ext Playlist Plugin is such a plugin that can generate a YouTube-like external video playlist as clear and attrative video navigation during the player customization process. It can display the most important video information like title, description and length in default. And since plugin version V2.0, PlayerDIY Team has made the external video playlist creation the easiest ever within just one click.

    Upgraded Features of PlayerDIY Web Player V2.4.0.6

    1. The enhanced ability to ensure a faster and smoother cooperation with Ext Playlist Plugin in the following ways:

    a. Speedup the program when uploading multiple videos – when multiple video contents have to be shown in the external video playlist, this enhancement makes sure that all the target videos can be uploaded to the program in a high speed so that the users can proceed to the next steps quickly without wasting too much time waiting.

    b. Speedup the publish process – this works when the users have finished submitting the external playlist setting and clicked “Publish” button. It accelerates the publish process and saves it from program frozen and pause problem. It’s extremely useful when generating multi-video external playlist.

    2. Fixed some tiny bugs and optimized program – PlayerDIY Software is always dedicating 100% effort to provide professional web player products and improve user experience. Bug-fixing and program optimization are one of the measures that count. It ensures mass customers a smooth and pleasant flash video player customization process.

    Price and Availability of PlayerDIY Web Player V2.4.0.6

    PlayerDIY Web Player V2.4.0.6 has a free trial version for downloading via the link below. All the functions are exactly the same as registered one except a watermark hyperlinked to PlayerDIY website will appear. Just pay a little extra to remove the watermark and enjoy the lifelong updates and prior technical supports.

    System Requirement of PlayerDIY Web Player V2.4.0.6

    PlayerDIY Web Player V2.4.0.6 works well with Windows 7 and Windows XP/2000/NT/Vista. While its mentioned plugins shall function properly with PlayerDIY Web Player V2.0 and up versions. Or with a specific player version to implement specific functions.

    Company Website: http://www.moyeamedia.com/
    Product and Price: http://www.playerdiy.com/order/
    Product Download Link: http://www.playerdiy.com/downloads/get.php?p=Web%20Player%20v2&f=http://www.playerdiy.com/download/webplayer_setup.exe

    Contact Person:
    PlayerDIY Software Co., Ltd.
    Chief Executive Officer
    Email: contact@moyeamedia.com

  • Make an External Playlist for Your Flash Video Player Used in Joomla!

    Posted on April 14th, 2010 Toby 55 comments

    This is the first article of “The Usage of PlayerDIY Web Player Plugins in Joomla!” series, and I’ll keep posting in the next few days introducing how to implement every single plugin we have with the web player you create under CMS Joomla!

    The reason why we have to bring out this topic lies in the fact that it’s just not enough to make PlayerDIY Web Player work in Joomla!. What’s more, we want the player has been used in Joomla! now to have more diverse capabilities, and this can be achieved by using the plugins we are talking about right now.

    A Little Bit Background Information for Your Reference:

    PlayerDIY Web Player: a program that can help you to create and customize a perfect flash video player for playback on blogs, websites, forums and other platforms.

    Joomla!: a content management system that can build your own websites and online applications.

    PlayerDIY Web Player Plugins: a bunch of versatile plugins that can extend the capabilities of player created by PlayerDIY Web Player.

    The Things We have Done So Far:

    We have published 18 editions of PlayerDIY Web Player and 14 PlayerDIY Web Player Pugins with frequent upgrades.

    We have been officially listed in Joomla! Extensions Directory, which makes the player creation and customization the easiest for Joomla! users.

    We have posted an article telling people how to establish the easy connection between Joomla! and our player in 3 steps:

    1. Install PlayerDIY Web Player Module in Joomla! –>Activate–>Manage–>Edit.

    2. Choose to build and customize the web player inside or outside the module.

    3A. If you choose inside approach, just simply fill the “playerOpts” field.

    3B. If you choose outside approach, please proceed to the desktopend program PlayerDIY Web Player.

    Click here to read the full article and refer to the tips below for free program downloading links.

    The Things You can Do Next:

    During the web player customization, use Ext Playlist Plugin to create an external playlist as vivid video navigation for your web player used in Joomla!

    This plugin brings very impressive visual effect to your player and it displays video information like title, description and length in default in the created list. The most important, the plugin function can be easily implemented and it only takes 3 steps.

    Step 1: Find where the Ext Playlist Plugin is located in PlayerDIY Web Player.

    ext playlist plugin location

    Step 2: Choose how you want the external list to look like in the setting page.

    ext playlist plugin setting

    Step 3: Publish and paste the exact URL where the player is located to PlayerDIY Web Player Module installed in Joomla!

    ext playlist plugin publish

    The Final Player Effect Preview:

    ext playlist plugin preview


    Click here to learn how to make PlayerDIY Web Player work with Joomla!

    Click here to download PlayerDIY Web Player

    Click here to download PlayerDIY Ext Playlist Plugin

    Click here to download the PlayerDIY Web Player Module used in Joomla! from our server OR click here to download it directly from Joomla! Extensions Directory.

  • Five Brand-New PlayerDIY Web Player Skins Published for Celebration in Different Occasions

    Posted on April 7th, 2010 Toby 111 comments

    Five new PlayerDIY Web Player skins were just published for free downloading and for users to customize different festival-themed or cartoon-based flash video player in an easy way.

    Shenzhen P.R.C – Apr, 07th, 2010 – PlayerDIY Software Co., Ltd. (http://www.moyeamedia.com/), a rising developer of flash applications for the internet and multimedia software, today officially announces the free release of five PlayerDIY Web Player skins: “Easter Blue”, “Easter Yellow” under “Festival” category and “Harvest” , “Retro”, “Naughty Cat” under “Novelty” category respectively.

    PlayerDIY Web Player is a handy flash video player creator and customizer that helps users to make personalized web player in any style they want it to be. “Template” interface is exactly where the miracles take place. Users can select player’s profiles, use diverse plugins, choose different colors of background and lovely looks of preloader, and of course, select the most favorable player skins from 7 categories, 45 styles in total.

    More Downloadable Skin Styles will be Continually Added

    Provided users are not contented with the existing skinlist, they have an option to download the others(which will be continually added from time to time) from template webpage everytime when clicking “More Styles” button in the list. The skin is free, downloading is fast and the installation is easy. The detailed tutorial is available here.

    Customize Whatever-Look Player Skin

    PlayerDIY has complete solutions for all-level customers to decide how the player skin is going to be made. For amateurs, they can either choose fom the list or download from the website as indicated above; for professionals who want to make their own player skin, PlayerDIY is happy to offer a free and editable FLA projector file so that they can create their own style of template. Click here to learn how to edit the template(.fla file) and make it work with PlayerDIY Web Player.

    Price and Availability of Newly-Published Skins

    It’s totally free to use and can be downloaded easily via the links below.

    PlayerDIY Web Player Version Requirement

    In order to achieve the best visual effect, some skins are required to work with some specific player versions. And that’s why the skin details like name, category, player version requirement etc are listed on the website as clear guidance for the customers.

    Company Website: http://www.moyeamedia.com/
    Skin Templates: http://www.playerdiy.com/configuration/skins/templates.html
    Skin Downloading Link: http://www.fomore.com/www.playerdiy.com/download/naughty_cat.zip

    Contact Person:
    PlayerDIY Software Co., Ltd.
    Chief Executive Officer
    Email: contact@moyeamedia.com

  • Put Your Player in the Air and Give it a Chance to Shine!

    Posted on April 7th, 2010 Toby 41 comments

    PlayerDIY Web Player just launched “Player Pageant” program to offer a great opportunity for you to expose your web player to the public, get voted, and get selected to be the Best-Looking Flash Video Player. Funnily enough this technique has been used by companies to increase YouTube views for clients. If you are named the winner at last, you can enjoy our fabulous prizes including free use of plugins and many other more!

    Submit now and win later! Good luck to you all!