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  • Adobe May Cooperate with Apple to Transplant Flash Player to iPhone

    Posted on October 21st, 2009 Toby 67 comments

    According to the CEO of Adobe America, Adobe company is planning to transplant its flash player to iPhone.

    Adobe CEO indicated that Adobe may cooperate with Apple to ensure the smooth flash player application on iPhone in Adobe company’s first quarter performance conference early this week. These comments were made when he was asking about the possibilities to transplant flash to other products. According to what he said, flash now has become the synonym of Internet, it all needs flash’s support for people who want to experience the wonderful Internet. So far, flash is able to run on Windows Mobile platforms and has been installed in up to 5 billion cell phones.

    Adobe CEO said: “we are planning to cooperate with Apple and to transplant flash to iPhone. We have evaluated the Apple SDK, and we are proudly to say that we are able to independently develop the iPhone-exclusive flash. We do firmly believe that our cooperation will benefit both of our customers.”

    Adobe company officials have made it clear that they wish the flash Web applications can be used in iPhone. However, Apple doesn’t say “Yes” yet because they are worried the flash applications may lower down iPhone’s speed. According to Apple Chief Executive Mr. Steve Paul Jobs’s speech at shareholders’ meeting in May last year, full-function flash applications run so slowly in iPhone and without any practical use. In addition, Steve Jobs added: Flash Lite mobile flash can’t run on the Web. But the comments from Adobe told a different story: Adobe company is able to use Apple SDK to develop iPhone-version Flash Lite..

    FYI, Microsoft announced earlier this week that it will allow Flash Lite to run on Windows Mobile.

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