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  • Make Youtube Video Auto-Play in MySpace Profile

    Posted on July 28th, 2009 Toby 312 comments

    Do you have a MySpace account? Do you want your MySpace profile to be more attractive and to be browsed by as many people as possible? The last question: do you like youtube by the way?

    This article is made by those whose answer is “YES” to the above questions.

    The tutorial below contains two parts:

    I. Auto-play youtube videos in MySpace profile.
    II. Auto-play other videos in MySpace profile.

    Part I. Auto-play youtube videos in Myspace profile

    Step 1: Choose your favorite video from www.youtube.com and then copy the video Embed Code.

    copy the embed code from youtube

    Step 2: Add “&autoplay=1” to the embed code after video link.

    add "&autoplay=1" to video embed code

    Step 3: Sign in your MySpace account, click “Edit Profile” from the drop-down menu.

    sign in MySpace and click "Edit Profile"

    Paste the embed code in the “About Me” section and then click “Save Changes”.

    paste the embed code in "About Me" section

    Review your profile now, the video is already there and it’s auto playing, that’s cool!

    Part II. Auto-play other videos in MySpace profile.

    If you already have some existing flash videos or if you want the flash videos from other video-sharing websites or if you want your own logo on the video, no problem, we can also insert it in your MySpace profile with help from some extra tools. However, it’s easy!

    Step 1. Download your preferred videos online with free Leawo Youtube Download.

    download online videos with Leawo Youtube Download

    Step 2: Create a flash video player with content by using PlayerDIY Web Player.

    create a player with PlayerDIY Web Player

    Step 3: Click “Template”, uncheck the box of “Pause at first frame”.

    set auto-play

    Step 4: Publish the customized player and upload all the published files except index.html to the same folder of the web server and then copy and paste the generated code onto your MySpace profile.

    paste the generated code in MySpace profile

    Then, enjoy a more attractive MySpace profile with flash video now.