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  • PlayerDIY Video4Web Converter V1.9 Is Released with Optimized Functions

    Posted on July 29th, 2009 admin 49 comments

    Shenzhen P.R.C, July 29th, 2009, PlayerDIY Software Co., Ltd. (http://www.moyeamedia.com): PlayerDIY Software officially announces that a few problems related to RMVB format of PlayerDIY Video4Web Converter has got perfectly solved, and releases PlayerDIY Video4Web Converter V1.9 to get the more stable and optimized functions.

    PlayerDIY Video4Web Converter offers excellent solutions to convert almost the fashion video files in WMV, WMA, AVI, RMVB, RM, RA, MOV, QT, MP4, M4V, DV, 3GP, 3G2, DAT, MPG, MPEG, MP3, etc. to flash video files in FLV, H.264 coded MP4, MOV, 3GP, 3G2, etc, which is supported to play by PlayerDIY Web Player and other flash video players.

    In this freshly-released V1.9 version of PlayerDIY Video4Web Converter, PlayerDIY Software has perfectly solved the following problems to make this converter smoother and more convenient to convert RMVB to other flash video formats.

    1. The optimized RMVB decoding process works more stable and the encoding process occupies less memory and solves the problem of program crash when only convert RMVB videos. There is nothing worse than the encounter of program breakdown. And that’s why PlayerDIY software has put much effort into finding methods for preventing program crash. This enhanced function both for RMVB decoding and encoding brings a smoother conversion experience from RMVB to other flash video formats without any unpleasant program breakdown.

    2. Perfectly solved the problem of unabling to resume the conversion from RMVB to WMV after pause. It’s very important that the users can resume what they are doing from where exactly they stop. This people-care improvement will definitely make the RMVB to WMV conversion more flexible and also save a lot of time and trouble caused by accident that you have to convert from the very beginning.-

    3. Optimized the output style menu (interface). The output style menu was updated to a more professional and complete list with vivid picture illustrations and more details this time. There is a main menu on the left and a sub-menu with the detailed description and portrait of all the formats on the right. Sometimes the customers don’t know too much about different formats, so the picture illustration and necessary explanation in this updated output style menu really works for those.

    4. Integrated the conversion interface into the main window which makes the software more convenient to use. PlayerDIY Software is always working on the purpose that the customers deserve the best operating experience brought by the neat and clean software. That’s why some separate windows are integrated into one this time in order to make it simpler and easier to use.
    All in all, with those problem solutions and improvements, PlayerDIY Video4Web Converter V1.9 becomes more and more stable and functional for those who want to convert common video to flash video.

    Further Information
    Company website: http://www.moyeamedia.com
    Product web page: http://www.flash-video-mx.com/video4web-converter/
    Product Download Link:

  • How to Use Multiple Playlists with One FLV (flash video) Player

    Posted on July 28th, 2009 Toby 74 comments

    Some PlayerDIY Web Player users may wonder: Do I have to create flash video players for every webpage to play different videos?

    The answer is: Not necessarily! PlayerDIY Web Player offers easier solutions that you only need to create one player, and then embed it onto each webpage to play different videos by linking to different playlist file, or by linking to videos directly. You can also see how to do video production here.

    Only few steps will take you there, let’s have a look:

    Step 1: Create a flash video player with PlayerDIY Web Player which I have mentioned in my previous blog or you can kindly refer to the detailed tutorial to learn how.

    Step 2: Embed the flash video player onto different webpage to play different videos by linking to different playlist file or linking to videos directly.

    Situation A: Link to xml playlist file. The tutorial shows below:

    For example: If you want to add the flash video player onto webpage A to play videos in “demo1.xml” playlist file, the embeded code will show as below:

    play videos in “demo1.xml” playlist file

    By analogy, if you want to add the player on another webpage to play videos in “demo2.xml” playlist file, the player embed code will show as below:

    play videos in “demo2.xml” playlist file

    Note: the only difference is the xml file name and its path, the others remain the same.

    Situation B: Link to videos directly, the tutorial shows below:

    The flashvars code syntax for linking multiple videos is playerOpts=playListPath*^caption^path^image^clickurl^clicktarget^endurl^styleoftarget^endtarget……*s’

    1. The “…” part means the front code can be duplicated
    2. The values of caption (video name), image, clickurl, clicktarget, endurl, styleoftarget and endtarget can be “null” but can’t be “none”

    For example: If you want to play video1.flv and video2.flv with the player, then the code will show as below:

    play video1.flv and video2.flv directly

    Note: You can use relative paths or absolute paths to link the videos

  • How to Add Multiple Flash Video Players in One Webpage

    Posted on July 16th, 2009 Toby 41 comments

    One of our dearest customers once has submitted an article about “how to add multiple flash video players onto one webpage” to our forum, unfortunately we just experienced a terrible break down of our server several days ago and sorry to say we have lost that article.

    I’m rewriting here to express our sincere apology and hope other guys shall find this article useful and interesting.

    First, Please refer to the detailed tutorial or my previous blog to learn how to create a flash video player with PlayerDIY Web Player.

    Then, let’s come back to the topic: how to add multiple flash video players in one webpage?

    Suppose there are three videos awaiting in the playlist and you want to use three flash video players to play them respectively, let’s see how:

    Flash Video 1: Keep the default “play item” serial number and “flash content” serial number.

    flash video 1 in the playlist

    Flash Video 2: Change the “play item” serial number from “0” to “1” and accordingly, change the “flashcontent” to “flashcontent1

    flash video 2 in the playlist

    Flash Video 3: Analogically, Change the “play item” serial number from “1” to “2” and change the “flashcontent1” to “flashcontent2” as well.

    Note: “playerOpts=playItem*0*i” means the player is playing the first video in playlist. Analogically, “playerOpts=playItem*1*i” means the player is playing the second video. The “flash content” serial number also has to be changed accordingly.

    For more detailed information about how to edit flash video player wiith code, please visit http://www.playerdiy.com/support/tutorial/play-video-in-new-page.html and http://www.playerdiy.com/support/tutorial/edit-player-with-html.html

  • Add Flash Videos to WordPress Blog

    Posted on July 15th, 2009 Toby 396 comments

    Whatever your reason for wanting to add falsh videos to your WordPress blog or website-maybe you just want to share videos with your friends or want to show some business websites to your potential customers-it’s very easy with WordPress and a couple of other tools.

    Tool One: Of course a WordPress account, go to www.wordpress.com and spend 5 minutes to register.

    Tool Two: A flash video downloader. If you don’t have any existing flash videos at hand, no worries, you may use this flash video downloader to download flash videos from internet. Here I recommend Leawo Youtube Download

    Tool Three: PlayerDIY Web Player. PlayerDIY Web Player is a WYSIWYG(what you see is what you get) program for customizing flash video player for website. It is very easy to use, with it, every single aspect of flash video player can be configured and previewed right away on graphical interfaces with a few mouse-clicks, no any coding needed. And the customized flash video player supports playing flash videos, streaming videos, live videos and SMIL presentations. It is mainly developed for web-designers and video hobbyists to build video sharing sites or add flash videos onto their websites or blogs for playing.

    The step-by-step tutorial below teaches exactly how to upload your favorite videos to WordPress blog, let’s have a look:

    Step 1: First upload the flash videos  that you want to play on your blog or website to a sever (e.g.: upload to blip.tv), and then get the link addresses.

    Step 2: Open PlayerDIY Web player from Tool Three and click “Add URL” to input those flash videos’ link addresses which from Step 1.

    add flash video to moyea web player

    Step 3: Select a video to edit and all the following features will show in the playlist.

    a. Adjust the video order

    b. Capture pictures during video playing

    c. Rename video

    d. Type the address where the video will lead to after playing

    e. Type the address where the video will lead to when clicking

    edit video features in playlist

    Step 4: Click “Template” to preview the webplayer you have created so far. If you don’t like the default player skin, choose another one from the left panel.

    preview the customized flash video player

    Step 5: Click “Option” tab, then “User define area”, choose “none” to remove Embed and URL information on the screen.

    remove the unwanted information from the customized player

    Step 6: On “Publish” interface, choose a publish path, and then publish the customized player.

    publish the customized flash video player

    Step 7: Upload all the published files except the index.html file, to the same folder of a web server (you can easily search a free hosting on google). And then copy and past the embed code on the following interface into your blog.

    copy and paste the embed code onto WordPress

    Note: mwplayer.swf is the actual flash video player, and the swfobject.js is an adobe flash object file, you point to them with links.

    Then the player with the videos will show on your WordPress blog. Enjoy!

  • PlayerDIY Web Player Has Got Extended Functionalities On Streaming Videos, Adsolution And Branding

    Posted on May 19th, 2009 admin 27 comments

    Shenzhen, P. R. China. – May 19, 2009: PlayerDIY Software (http://www.moyeamedia.com) officially announces that PlayerDIY Web Player Version 2.0 is released to start accepting Addons and, it has got the extended and enhanced functionalities on streaming videos, Adsolution and branding via Addons. You can also use netflix click here to see how to get american netflix in other countries.

    PlayerDIY Web Player is a graphical program for customizing skinning flash video player for website to play flash videos. With it, every single aspect of flash video player, including the behavior and the appearance, can be customized and previewed right away on graphical interfaces and, has no any coding needed. Also, PlayerDIY Web Player offers solutions to enable player users to customize flash video player with flashvars code, and offers solutions to make player users running their own ads for monetizing.

    After upgraded to version 2.0, PlayerDIY Web Player begins to accept addons to extend and enhance its functionalities on every aspect. And the verion 2.0 has installed some addons like a free RTMP Stream Plugin, two HTML-Adsolution Plugins and four Watermark Plugins.

    With the free RTMP Stream Plugin, PlayerDIY Web Player has the ability to enable player users to stream streaming videos, live streaming videos and SMIL presentations onto website for playing. And because it’s a free plugin, the users don’t need to pay for using it.

    The HTML-Adsolution Plugins, even the Watermark Plugins have extended and enhanced the capability of Adsolution: The HTML-Adsolution Plugins enable player users to run their own ads in any sharp which can be implemented with HTML code (like webpage, Google Adsense, words with link, etc); The Watermark Plugins, beside can be used to brand or copyright the player, also can be used as Adsolution Plugins, because the implementations of them also can work as advertisements. So it’s not difficult to visualize that PlayerDIY Web Player version 2.0 has more powerful abilities on advertising than previous version.

    Anther amazing news about PlayerDIY Web Player is that PlayerDIY begins to offer free version of PlayerDIY Web Player since version 2.0 and, the free version has all the functionalities and features that the retail version has.

    We could say that this upgrade is a big revolution on PlayerDIY web player and web flash video player: Because of this upgrade, PlayerDIY Web Player has got and will get more powerful functionalities on customizing web player via addons. At the same time, because of the easy-to-use features and the powerful capability of PlayerDIY Web Player, the web flash video player becomes easer to implement and easer to earn cash from video viewings.

    Other information:

    Company website: http://www.moyeamedia.com
    Product web page:
    Download Link: http://www.playerdiy.com/download/webplayer_setup.exe