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  • PlayerDIY Javascript API is Available for Interaction between Player and its Customer Using HTML Syntax

    Posted on December 16th, 2009 Toby 18 comments

    Instead only a static display-and-browse relation between flash video player and its users, PlayerDIY Javascript API(Application Programming Interface) provides a real-time, dynamic and interactive response to customers’ operation.

    Shenzhen P.R.C -Dec 15th , 2009 – PlayerDIY Software Co., Ltd. (http://www.moyeamedia.com/): a rising developer of flash applications for the internet and multimedia software, today officially announces the availability of Javascript API which works with PlayerDIY Web Player 2.3+ version to customize web FLV player, create control bar, add advertisement for example, using HTML syntax.

    PlayerDIY JavaScript API is an easy-to-use, object-oriented API that creates a real-time, dynamic and interactive communication between player and its customers using HTML syntax.

    PlayerDIY JavaScript API is Simple

    The simplicity of PlayerDIY JavaScript API lies in two factors: first, it is based on basic Java language; Second, its variable type is weak type instead of strict data type.

    PlayerDIY JavaScript API is Secure

    PlayerDIY JavaScript API only works online on a webpage on a server. This is a security feature of the flash plugin, and can not be changed. The only information access is the dynamic interaction via browser, which effectively prevent the loss of data.

    PlayerDIY JavaScript API is Dynamic

    It can directly respond to users’ input without a web service program. It responds in the form of event-driven. So-called event-driven means the actions/operations in application program, such as press mouse, select menu, click “Play” button etc. Whenever there is an event, there is a corresponding response.

    PlayerDIY JavaScript API is Across-Platform

    PlayerDIY JavaScript API only depends on browser itself, not the operating environment. It will be implemented correctly in any application program as long as the browser can support JavaScript.

    For more information and the detailed tutorial about how to customize a web player generated by PlayerDIY Web Player with PlayerDIY JavaScript API, please visit http://www.playerdiy.com/configuration/api/js.html