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  • Video Shopping Stimulates Online Consumption

    Posted on October 27th, 2009 Toby 96 comments

    Recently, some famous Chinese video-sharing websites like youku, tudou, etc have announced the cooperation with taobao – one of the giant online shopping websites, and launched the video shoping channel. However, is this video shopping as popular as TV shopping, which was created several years ago but has been accused sometimes and will it become the new trend of online consumption?

    By the end of June 2009, Chinese netizens have reached 3.38 million. During all kinds of network applications, online shopping counts 26%. According to CNNIC(China Internet Network Information Center), there is one online shopper out of four Chinese. Under this circumstance, the introduction of online video shopping makes sense.

    From the perspective of sellers, video shopping can display their commodities thoroughly, increase the confidence of the buyers and promote the products effectively. If the sellers are not so happy with the video technology provider, they can change at any time without paying anything.

    When speaking of buyers, the cooperation between video websites and e-commerce platform can definitely allow the consumers to have a realer shopping experience and reduce the risks. However, video shopping also reminds people of some unpleasant memories brought by TV shopping several years ago. People always feel they are cheated after purchase because the earlier TV shopping programs were full of exaggerated descriptions and false demonstrations. Things are different now! Video shooping is secured by the so-called e-commerce platform. Such e-commerce platform has perfect shopping evaluation system, each transaction evaluation are directly displayed online for buyers’ reference and as long as you are able to pick to trustworthy sellers, the chances of being deceived are slim.

    Every coin has two sides. The No.1 obstacle for video shopping righ now is whether it is strong enough to escape from the stereotype that most people have towards network shopping fraud. Another difficulty is how to make videos that would help to sell in an easy way? Due to the fact that most sellers are not good at making videos, the website has launched “video album” service to help those sellers complete their videos. It’s really easy because the sellers just have to pick some nice pictures of products and the video will be automatically generated.

    It takes time to accept a newly-born stuff, but I’m quite optimistic about the future of video shopping. Let’s just be patient and see what will happen. Cheers!

    By the way, if you are interested in how to use flash videos to promote your products either in your blog, online shop, own website or forum, some tricks are available here to help you. Hope it’s useful and wish you a prosperous business!