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  • How to Use Multiple Playlists with One FLV (flash video) Player

    Posted on July 28th, 2009 Toby 74 comments

    Some PlayerDIY Web Player users may wonder: Do I have to create flash video players for every webpage to play different videos?

    The answer is: Not necessarily! PlayerDIY Web Player offers easier solutions that you only need to create one player, and then embed it onto each webpage to play different videos by linking to different playlist file, or by linking to videos directly. You can also see how to do video production here.

    Only few steps will take you there, let’s have a look:

    Step 1: Create a flash video player with PlayerDIY Web Player which I have mentioned in my previous blog or you can kindly refer to the detailed tutorial to learn how.

    Step 2: Embed the flash video player onto different webpage to play different videos by linking to different playlist file or linking to videos directly.

    Situation A: Link to xml playlist file. The tutorial shows below:

    For example: If you want to add the flash video player onto webpage A to play videos in “demo1.xml” playlist file, the embeded code will show as below:

    play videos in “demo1.xml” playlist file

    By analogy, if you want to add the player on another webpage to play videos in “demo2.xml” playlist file, the player embed code will show as below:

    play videos in “demo2.xml” playlist file

    Note: the only difference is the xml file name and its path, the others remain the same.

    Situation B: Link to videos directly, the tutorial shows below:

    The flashvars code syntax for linking multiple videos is playerOpts=playListPath*^caption^path^image^clickurl^clicktarget^endurl^styleoftarget^endtarget……*s’

    1. The “…” part means the front code can be duplicated
    2. The values of caption (video name), image, clickurl, clicktarget, endurl, styleoftarget and endtarget can be “null” but can’t be “none”

    For example: If you want to play video1.flv and video2.flv with the player, then the code will show as below:

    play video1.flv and video2.flv directly

    Note: You can use relative paths or absolute paths to link the videos


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    • Multiple play list is not working at all. By default the player is published having some internal link (may be inside mwplayer.swf file) to the play list called “medialist.xml”. I have tried renaming the file to “medialist2.xml” and then pointing to it by adding “flashvars” related code and accurate path to “medialist2.xml” but it doesn’t work at all. If I rename the play list back to “medialist.xml” and have the “flashvars” code point to same “medialist.xml” file, the player starts working. Try and fix this issue

    • Thank you very much for your comments, a!

      Have tested this issue in the way you mentioned, but didn’t find have any problem with it!

      When add the flashvars code, please make sure the path points to the playerlist file is right, and the code syntax, including the uppercase letters, is right too.

      For example:

      If above information can’t help you, please give us more information about your problem. Thank you!

    • Thanks admin for your feedback, I have managed to resolve the issue myself.

      I was using the following syntax

      while the correct syntax is

      So please be careful all developers if you run into the same problem that you must use “addParam()” instead of “addVariable()”. You may be wondering that why did I use “addVariable()” and the reason is that I had this code “addVariable()” working fine with another player so I just duplicated it……. oooooooops! 😉 the old copy/paste 😉

    • Thanks for sharing this.

    • Thanks to author.

    • Yes, but then, anyone can cehck the page’s code and find where your xml files are located, thus find your original FLV files. It’s a big problem, traffic-wise.
      I’ts alot better to have the path inside the player and only set the filename of the XML on the params.

    • I have downloaded flash player but cant figure out how to actually use it to play a video?

    • Hi John,
      The tutorial may help you.

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