purchased image watermark not working

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purchased image watermark not working

Postby dsonesuk on Mon Nov 22, 2010 7:33 pm

We have purchased the image watermark, entered site address, downloaded file, installed successfully (apparently), but we are still not able to divert to website address, every time i attempt to publish it, it keeps warning me i have trial version and tells me it will divert to playerdiy.com instead, which it does on local server, and website server.

and clicking the addon, still shows it as being a trial version.

We have set this player to play 60 sec audio only, and rather watch a black screen, we thought we would place an image there instead, and the image watermark, or html watermark seemed the obvious choice.

Because off this problem we are currently, restricting the height to the control panel only, and placing a container on top with image, but the leads to another problem as the volume bar is hidden as it is outside this height restriction when hovering over volume button.

We tried the control bar placed at top, thinking the volume bar must show at bottom and we could force it below image and increase height of container to show it, WRONG! As it does not appear at all using that setting.
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Re: purchased image watermark not working

Postby leakeymore on Tue Nov 23, 2010 8:05 am


Thanks for your support in Moyea software.
Please make sure you add image watermark using the Image Watermark plugin, and upload to the correct web site.
If it still has problem, please upload the player to a test page and tell us the URL of this page so that we could directly check.

Thanks and regards,
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