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Miu Miu Oversized Sequin Clutch

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Adidas Soccer # # Heterogeneous Rise Chengdu Conference and Adidas Soccer Factory Opening - Football Shoes - Soccer Shoes Soccer Equipment Portal _ENJOYZ Football Equipment Network
July 12, 2015, Adidas in Chengdu poly space 'Adidas football base' (adidas football base) held a # # heterogeneous rise of the news conference, released a new ACE and X and messi series of soccer shoes. Chinese national soccer team player Wu Xi, Liao Lisheng and internationally renowned fancy football team Skill Twins arrived at the scene to help the event. Adidas sports performance series of senior Chinese football category Fan Yifeng said: 'This is Adidas football history of a great revolution, we will be divided into two types of players. The first player they can understand everything, control the situation of the game, they always consider the needs of the team and seek the best solution for the team. Famous players such as Ozil, J-Lo, Oscar, Neuer and Rakitic are the core of the world's top teams, and Adidas has designed the ACE15 specifically for these players. Another player they break the rules, show the moment of talent always make the audience forget to leave, this is their talent, these players are on the field to create lore experts. Muller, Bell, Suarez, Benzema and Mora tower and other players are always without any signs to attack. For these players, Adidas specifically created the X15. But there is a special case, there is a special player, people can not define the player, because he surpassed the football, he is: Messi (Leo Messi). In order to his unparalleled talent to play to the limit, Adidas woudensemble.nl and Messi designed a new adidas MESSI15. These three shoes have been applied to the actual combat, and in Adidas China's official sale of the shop, hope that all the football fans can wear a new boots with us # heterogeneous rise #. And the woudensemble.nl activities of the scene, international Wu Xi, Liao Lisheng to show you the new Adidas ACE and X series of soccer shoes, and in the field replaced the new boots and internationally renowned fancy football combination Skill Twins carried out a 2 to 2 football match. The rules of the game and the general football game has a big difference, boring boring attack and can not bring more scoring for the team. On the contrary, ingenious cooperation and dazzling skills can bring more help for their own team, which is Adidas this year for the majority of fans in particular to create a heterogeneous rise of football 2V2 game rules. After the game, as the representative of the domestic Adidas X series players, Wu Xi praised the new shoes: 'new design of the shoe collar, to the ankle more fit wearing a sense of high speed in the running and emergency stop To bring more perfect support and fit the wearing experience, the new design of the soles and the upper feel very light, so that in a variety of weather, site conditions can bring better comfort and protection. 'As a young international, but also the domestic Adidas ACE series on behalf of the players, Liao Lisheng also talked about their views on this new boots,' ACE15 designed to control the situation and build. The new upper for the stop, pass, when the ball when the foot friction has brought a very big upgrade. The new spike structure in the dribble to make more spikes touch the football, bringing excellent ball control ability. 'This summer Adidas invited all the football lovers, came to' Adidas Football Factory Dsquared shirts 'feel the new ACE and X series of soccer shoes, participate in 2V2 duel, from the races to the final national finals to win the' European ' Football ultimate trip \u0026 rdquo ;. Adidas soccer factory in this summer will completely belong to all the football lovers, it will also be the ultimate base for all fans in this summer. Here you can sign up or crowd 2V2 football Rush, Adidas smart ball free kick test, experience Adidas exclusive FIFA video game, more unique # # heterogeneous rise of interactive areas, leaving their own exclusive photos. In addition to the opening of the first Adidas soccer factory in Chengdu today, then in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, Adidas for all the football enthusiasts prepared the ultimate base, together with everyone # # heterogeneous rise. On the Adidas Football Factory: 2V2 competition registration: focus on micro-signal adidas \u0026 mdash; click on the rise of alien \u0026 mdash; select 'ralph lauren pas cher, I want to participate in the war, and follow the prompts to complete the application. Click to read the original, you can also pass the registration page. Each station registration is limited to open. More details of the game, see adidas micro signal.
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