Obama to Visit Nike to Promote TPP. Wait, Nike - Really-

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Obama to Visit Nike to Promote TPP. Wait, Nike - Really-

Postby Parkeraubrey on Wed Nov 29, 2017 7:30 pm

New exclusive listing! Totti boots history inventory - shoes - soccer shoes soccer equipment portal _ENJOYZ football equipment network
Nike will be released today in the new Totti exclusive legend 6 generation limited edition gold boots, pay www.sportsbuy.nl tribute to his effectiveness in Rome 25 years. So in the past these seasons, the Rome party secretary who through which shoes? Breakdown is simply live history ah! October 1998 Nike Air GX II first boarded a stadium Totti in the first few months wearing Nike Air GX II football shoes, a pair of very classic leather boots. The young Roman attacker signed a sponsorship contract with Nike, who had been wearing Swoosh until the end of the season until 2005. October 1999 Nike Tiempo Totti won the Player of the Year award in the Serie A season, he also scored the first goal of the Roman city of Derby, after a successful season, Totti in 1999 the new Season put Nike Tiempo football shoes. Iconic big turn tongue, it seems that Totti should be early to fall in love with this design, so that now do not have shoes with tongue to customize this accessories. Shoelaces less a line, the tongue pulled to the longest, ready to play through the clutter! November 1999 Nike Mercurial In the year Mercurial series of rising period, the party secretary was once early adopters, he was in the end of the game in the Nike Mercurial football shoes. Of course, the speed is not a long item of our secretary, he has a unique way to control the game, such as with the mind, with technology, or elegant long hair and handsome face! March 2000 Nike Air Zoom Total 90 into the millennium, the Totti became Nike new boots Nike Air Zoom Total 90 series spokesperson. This pair of shoes is still with Totti like the folding tongue, let him think of the beginning of the game when the feeling. February 2001 Nike Air Zoom Total 90 this period of the Italian national jersey is so beautiful, there Diadora's Roman jersey, coupled with the Totti Gladiator general shape, perfect. This period, Nike began to Air Zoom Total 90 series of football shoes to launch a variety of colors, including this classic black orange color. October 2001 Nike Air Zoom Total 902001 end of last season, won the Serie A champion Totti once again named Serie A player, and he was nominated at the end of the Golden Globe candidate, his career almost peak. To Totti in the performance of the game, seems to have become the leader of Rome. This time Totti is still wearing a Nike Air Zoom Total 90, that time the shoes really very slow replacement. December 2001 Nike Air Zoom T90 II with excellent performance, when Nike introduced the new Nike Air Zoom T90 II Totti has become one of the first card spokesperson, and he appeared in the ads and posters in the absence of players Skoll Sri Lanka, Figo, Carlos such big players. During the 2002 World Cup, Totti is also wearing Nike Air Zoom T90 II soccer shoes. In March 2004, the Nike Air Zoom T90 III2004 year was selected for the first time in the group's first game against the Danish team. In 2004, Totti at the foot of the boots is the Nike Air Zoom T90 III, the upper has a landmark '90' ralph lauren pas cher, then, Nike not only put it on the shoes, that year the Nike national team's new jersey Also have this Logo. March 2005 Diadora Brasil Italy2005 years in the preparation of the said that the capital is expected to fall, which has been wearing Nike shoes, he and Swoosh parted ways, perhaps in 2004, the European Championship is the 'slash shoes' event has let the two sides Can not go back. After signing Diadora, Totti put on a classic color Brasil Italy football shoes, to be honest, this shoes only match with the Italian national team jerseys! June 2006 Diadora Maximus RTX 14 N won the 2006 World Cup champion Totti's career is the highlight of the time, it is with the help of the party secretary of the whole, the Italian food raised since 1982, the first trophy. During the World Cup, Totti is wearing a blue and white color of the Diadora Maximus RTX 14 N soccer shoes, if you only see this pair of shoes matching color match with the Italian shirt it is too silly too naive, figure Tori feet Maximus RTX 14 N Using a custom MG outsole, which is just come back from the tailor Totti tailor, compared to Nike or Diadora more intimate. October 2006 Diadora Maximus 14 Totti Yes, when you win the World Cup this thing will always happen, we are talking about Diadora for Totti's limited Maximus 14 Totti Golden Boot, 06/07 season Teddy is wearing this golden boots in the game. April 2007 Diadora Maximus 14 After a period of time, Totti returned to the Diadora Maximus 14 regular color, but in early 2007 Totti harvested the Diadora for its customized Rome exclusive color boots, white and red boots Of the fold on his tongue with his jersey number 10, and that until the 40-year-old has not given up the tight tongue tongue band. March 2008 Diadora LX K-Pro scattered in the end, 2008 is Totti and Diadora cooperation in the last year, this period Totti chose Diadora natural leather boots LX K-Pro football shoes, black gold with more Garnett temperament. September 2009 adidas Predator Powerswerve has never officially announced the cooperation, but Totti and Adidas before also about love. During this period Totti wore a long time black adidas Predator Powerswerve football shoes, black prototypes have some color. Why did Totti choose Falcon 9? We guess perhaps during that time, with the flip tongue and tighten the belt of the shoes only falcon 9 generation it! March 2011 Nike Tiempo Air Legend II Totti and Nike's composite began in 2011, before the official propaganda Totti wearing a few months of black camouflage Nike Tiempo Air Legend II football shoes. Pay attention to see the details, from the beginning of this period, Totti boots another symbolic element appeared, that is customized Interact FG outsole. August 2013 Nike Tiempo Legend IV fourth generation of legendary football shoes to release the shoe fans shocked, because the iconic folding tongue did not! But such as Totti legendary superstar can not worry, Nike will meet his shoes for all the requirements. Including the legendary 2 generation of tongue, tightening belt, Interact chariot outsole! September 2014 Nike Tiempo Legend V from this time on, Totti's 'standard' shoes and the official version of the different, see the shoes we can not hesitate to recognize this is the secretary himself. March 2015 Nike Tiempo Legend V Premium as the brand of the most personalized player, Nike in 2015 for the Totti released silver black exclusive legendary nike air max 95 heren sale football shoes Nike Tiempo Legend V Premium, the global limited sale of 3000 pairs, once the sale will be Buy out! Perhaps at that time we think that the party secretary is ready to retire it In addition, this is the first sale of Nike with players customized details of the boots. September 2016 Nike Tiempo Legend VI40-year-old Totti into the effectiveness of Rome's twenty-five years, his feet or everyone is most familiar with the legendary football shoes, the first few generations is obviously less important, it has become a Roman Party secretary of a sign! How many years later to see such a design, perhaps you think of the players in addition to Beckham, there will be Totti's name. Now, we have to wait, is another pair of Tottie gold boots! 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