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Customize skinning flash video player for web
Customize flash video player in the easiest way

Customers Testimonials About PlayerDIY Web Player

Below is the PlayerDIY Web Player testimonials from our customers:

1. I want to thank you and let you know all is good.  A special thanks to the person who figure out we needed a second path statement for the swfobject.js file.
What I liked about your player is how versatile it is and how professional it looked. But most important the way it manages the play list. The list is kept inside the video screen. Very smart Ideal, keeping the player size and not taking more room on my web page. Other players I look at did not have a pop up play list or it hung below the player.  A4Desk Flash had one player with a play list in the screen but it looked bad and I did not care for their player skins.  I stop looking when I found your player. I believe you have the best looking and working flash players and you have been most helpful.
Oh, I will watch for new programs from you. I know you have the ability to have great software.

-- Roy Willard


2. I tried several other flasj players (longtail) your’s was the easiest and worked without too many problems. Thanks Awesome player!

-- Scott Parsons


3. Hello,
That's what we want.
Great service and we will introduce your software to our partners.
Thanks a lot.

-- Tommy


4. Ok thank you, sorry I was a little rude, I had just recently bought a similar kind of software, and it was a scam, so thanks. Also, I am very pleased with this software, it is great, I will use it all the time! Speaking of that, I am going to be making a series of entertainment/media/game websites, and I will need the video player for probably 3-4 more websites...

-- Ryan Lovett


5. Happy to make my feedback available for use on your site. In fact you can add the following if you should so desire. It is the truth after all ;>)
Since using PlayerDIY for all stages of preparation and deployment of online video solutions we continue to be impressed with the many updates, improvements and all encompassing solutions as well as very inexpensive fees to upgrade to new and improved major releases - not to mention the consistently excellent customer support

-- Ron