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Customize skinning flash video player for web
Customize flash video player in the easiest way

Order HTML Ad Plugin

HTML Ad Plugin enables to add HTML code to be ad into or onto videos. With it, you could your own ads (no matter your own-made ads or network ads) into or onto videos for viewing on your website and monetize your videos.

Product Features Domains Price  

HTML Ad Plugin
1. Adding your own-made ads or network ads(e.g.: Google Adsenses) into or onto videos for monetizing your video viewing. 1 domain / 1 license $99.00 / 1 license

Payment Options
- Credit Cards via Secure Online Ordering –(Recommended) Instant Delivery!
- UK cheque, US check, Post cheque
- Bank wire / International Money Order
- PayPal

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PlayerDIY software uses secure server hosted by SWREG, SWREG is an advanced secure online payment service for software registration that has been in operation since 1987. PlayerDIY Software uses SWREG to provide you with very secure and fast online purchase.