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Customize skinning flash video player for web
Customize flash video player in the easiest way

Each addon below is licensed on a "per-domain" basis. It means you must purchase a license for each website on which the implementation of the addon will show.

HTML Ad Plugin
HTML Ad Plugin

HTML Ad Plugin allows you to add an HTML-ad (e.g.: Google AdSense), Javascript-ad or multiple ads inside or over your video to monetize. This Plugin can be used for free if you have ordered HTML-Watermark Plugin. Learn More...

Price: $99.00   Buy HTML Ad Plugin online

HTML Watermark Plugin
HTML Watermark Plugin

HTML Watermark Plugin can be used to add HTML code at any position of web player as watermark, so that the watermark can be a webpage, image or text has link. After buy this plugin, the HTML Ad plugin can be used for free. Learn More

Price: $119.00   Buy HTML Watermark Plugin Online

Video search Plugin
HD Button Plugin

HD Button Plugin provides solution on adding a HD button onto Web FLV Player, so that player user can switch to start or close HD (High Definition) video playing by clicking it at any time. Learn More

Price: $25.00   Buy HD Button Plugin Online

Youtube Video Plugin
Youtube Video Plugin

YouTube Video Plugin conveniently imports YouTube videos to your own-brand flash video player which customized by PlayerDIY Web Player for playback on webpage with flexible video-recontrol functions. Learn More

Price: $20.00   Buy Youtube Video Plugin Online

Ext Playlist plugin
Ext Playlist Plugin

Ext Playlist Plugin provides easy way to enables player users to customize personalized playlist outside web flash video player, and put it on anywhere of the webpage they want it to be. Learn More...

Price: $25.00   Buy Ext Playlist plugin online

Video search Plugin
Video Search Plugin

Video Search Plugin can make the FLV player created with PlayerDIY Web Player get the abilities of searching and playing videos from YouTube and other video sharing sites. Learn More

Price: $25.00   Buy Video Search Plugin Online

Image Watermark Plugin

This plugin also can be used to brand your own web player, it allows you to add image at any position of web player as watermark, and the transparency of it can be set in the way you want it to. Learn More...

Price: $20.00   

Video Watermark Plugin

This plugin allows you to add a video at any position of web player as watermark, and the transparency and volume of it can be set in the way you want it to.
Learn More...

Price: $20.00   

Text Watermark Plugin

Text-Watermark Plugin enables you to add text at any location of web player and set the transparency of the text, it’s a good plugin for branding or copyrighting your own web player. It also can enable to show the title of video or audio files. Learn More...

Price: $20.00   

Context Menu Plugin

Context Menu Plugin enables you to display personalized content in right-click menu of flash video player created by PlayerDIY Web Player. The menu items can be plain text, links, and the combination of text and links. Learn More...

Price: $25.00   

Time Tip Plugin
Time Tip Plugin

Time Tip Plugin enables the process bar of web FLV player to pop up a time tag to show the minute and seconds of that point, when the mouse is over it during video playing. Learn More...

Price: $5.00   Buy time tip plugin online

1. The license of Web Player is per Web Domain. Please submit your domain at above link.
2. Then you will receive the download link of the registration codebase_setup.exe file for your registered domain within One Working Day.
3. The domain cannot be modified or changed anymore after submission. Please make sure to input it correctly.

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