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Customize skinning flash video player for web
Customize flash video player in the easiest way

Since version 2.0, there are no Lite version and Pro version any more, but only PlayerDIY Web Player Basic License and Premium License. PlayerDIY Web Player V2.0 Premium license is the upgraded version of PlayerDIY Web Player Pro, which has more powerful functionalities (like playing streaming videos, live streaming videos, etc), and its capability can be extended with Addons.

The prices for upgrading:
PlayerDIY Web Player Pro --> PlayerDIY Web Player Premium V2.0 $20
PlayerDIY Web Player Lite --> PlayerDIY web Player Premium V2.0 $50
PlayerDIY Web Player Basic --> PlayerDIY web Player Premium $50
HTML Ad Plugin --> HTML Watermark Plugin $20

How to pay the upgrade?
In order to get the above upgrades for the additional and advanced functionalities, you need to obtain an Upgrade Password. To purchase the upgrade password, please contact via your order e-mail with the order number of the original product.