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Video Search Plugin

Price: $25.00

Version: 1.1
Version History
Compatible With: PlayerDIY Web Player V2.0 and up
Published on: Feb.4th, 2010 Developer: PlayerDIY Software

Video Search Plugin enables player users to search videos from video sharing sites (like YouTube,, and play results in the FLV player (flash video player), which generated with PlayerDIY Web Player, on your own website.

Key Features:
Enables the FLV player to play videos from most of video sharing sites in your own player
You don’t need to host videos in your own web sever.

Limitation of free trial version:
A watermark with hyperlink appears at the top right of the FLV player

The demo which has used the free trail version of this video search plugin (you may try searching videos with keywords and playing the results):

Note: This plugin searches videos from YouTube and in default, in order to perform the video search from other sites, the search phrase would be "site:domain keyword", e.g: MJ

Where it appears:
After installed, this plugin will appear on the following interface.
video search plugin in PlayerDIY web player


How to make this video search plugin work in your custom FLV player?

The following tutorials will show you how to implement above demo in different situations.

Tutorial for situation 1 (don’t have FLV player yet):

In this situation, you can easily add this plugin to your custom FLV player when customizing it with PlayerDIY Web Player, you only need to click the plugin and then the “Submit” button on the following interface.
video search plugin setting

Tutorial for situation 2 (already have a FLV player which customized with PlayerDIY Web Player)

In this situation, to make this video search plugin work in the existed FLV player, you need to put a folder named “plus” (contains a plugin file vidsearch.swf) and a file addonslist.xml in the same folder with the player files.

The “plus” folder with a vidsearch.swf file and the addonslist.xml file can be easily generated with PlayerDIY Web Player.

However, if you don't want to generate the “plus” folder and the addonslist.xml file with PlayerDIY Web Player, then you could build them by yourself.

The code of the addonslist.xml file as below:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<addonslist><addonsitem href="plus/vidsearch.swf?d=&amp;button=Submit&amp;t=MJ"/></addonslist>

The vidsearch.swf file is the plugin, if PlayerDIY web Player was installed in your C: disc and the plugin is free trial version, you could get it from C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\PlayerDIY\WebPlayer\addons\free.

However, if the plugin is registered version, then you could get the file from C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\PlayerDIY\WebPlayer\addons\yourdomain