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Customize skinning flash video player for web
Customize flash video player in the easiest way

FAQs about PlayerDIY Web Player

1. Q: The Web Player works perfect when I preview on my local computer, but doesn't work after I upload to my Web Site.
A: Firstly please make sure the following points:
1. You have uploaded all the generated files except the index.html file, to the same folder of your web server. And all the files could be visited by any visitor through web browser. Note: Please make sure that the file names only include numbers and English letters and no other character.

2. The path of "mwplayer" is correct in embed code. If mwplayer.swf resides in another directory, then point to it with a relative path (e.g. video/mwplayer.swf) or an absolute path (e.g. ).

3. You have uploaded the Web Player to your registered web site.
If the player still doesn't work well, please kindly send the URL of your player to so that we could directly check.

2. Q: How to make the Web Player play a specific video or multiples from parameters but not the playlist XML file?
A: The video can be called using the code below if you only want to play one video:


And if you want to play multiple videos, the code can be as below:


The "…" part means the front code can be duplicated to play multiple videos.

3. Q: Is it possible to remove the “Embed” and “URL” code part beside the Web Player window?
A: You could choose “none” to hide the “User define area” in “Template --> Options --> List and component -->User define area” item of the Web Player program

4. Q: I would like the playlist to be always visible below the play screen.
A: You could choose to check the options “Show list at first”, “Show list when playing” and “Show list at last” to show your playlist. Have a look at the example.
Note: The “Show list at first” option will not take effect if "Pause at first frame" option is canceled. These three options can be separately chosen or arbitrarily chosen together.

5. Q: How I can set so that the next flash video in the playlist will be automatically played?
A: Please check the item “Auto choose next” in “Template --> Options --> Playback Settings” of the program to set to play the next video automatically. Check out the example.
If "Auto Rewind" is also checked, all videos in playlist will be automatically replayed as loop.

6. Q: Can I jump ahead to a part of the video that is not yet downloaded and have it started downloading from that point?
A: Our web player program supports this function. In order to make this function available, please make sure your web server is Adobe Flash Media Server or other analogous flash Media server. Otherwise, this function will not come through.

7. Q: Is it possible for me to adjust the player size?
A: You could set the width and height of the player in the following code according to your need. The red number 500 is the width value of player and 450 is the height value.

<script type="text/javascript" src="swfobject.js"></script>
<div id="flashcontent">Player will show here </div>
<script type="text/javascript">
var so = new SWFObject('mwplayer.swf','player','500','450','9');

8. Q: Can I use the player on sub-domains of my registered domain?
A: We regret that single license for one domain doesn’t include sub domains of the registered domain. You need to register each sub domain if you want to embed generated players in it, each domain will have a registered codebase.swf file.

9. Q: How do I link to a specific video for playing in a new page?
A: There is a detailed tutorial can teach you how to implement this functionality. Please check out this tutorial. Enjoy

10. Q: How to edit flash video player with code?
A: There is a article talks about this topic, and can teach you how to. Take a look at this article.

11. Q: I have installed the codebase_setup.exe, how come the "" logo still shows up in my created player?
A: The custom player published in default is for local web server, and the logo will show when working on the registered web server.
To publish the created player for your registered website, on “Publish” interface, you need to choose your registered website as the value of the “Domain name” option first, and then click the “Publish” button.
If the logo still shows up, please kindly send us the URL of the player via

12. Q: I have downloaded and installed the Traffic counter Plug-in, and followed the tutorial to do but there's no counter displayed.
A: Please make sure you uploaded all the files of Web Player to web site. The plugin will not execute the function call on your local computer, as the local traffic is meaningless to count.
If you have uploaded to website, then please kindly tell us the URL of the player on your website.