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Customize skinning flash video player for web
Customize flash video player in the easiest way


Below are some addons for extending the capability on playback or playlist of the flash video player generated by PlayerDIY Web Player.
HD button plugin
HD Button Plugin Version 1.1
Updated on: Jan 27th, 2010 by PlayerDIY

HD Button Plugin provides solution on adding a HD button onto Web FLV Player, so that player user can switch to start or stop HD (High Definition) video playing by clicking it at any time. Learn More...

Download HD Button plugin   Buy HD Button plugin online

Ext Playlist plugin
Ext Playlist Plugin Version 2.0
Updated on: Mar 5th, 2010 by PlayerDIY

Ext Playlist Plugin provides easy solution on customizing personalized playlist outside web flash video player, and put it on anywhere of the webpage users want it to be. Learn More...

Download Ext Playlist plugin   Buy Ext Playlist plugin online