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Customize skinning flash video player for web
Customize flash video player in the easiest way

Customize External Playlist(for Ext Playlist Plugin V1.0)

The below tutorial demonstrates the way of implementing the same demo here using the Ext Playlist Plugin V1.0.

1. Fill the "Caption" form to make the external playlist show the video information (like the name, description and the length). The format for writing the video information is: video name----video description----video length, for example the first video in the above demo, we fill "Ice Age III----Dawn of the Dinosaurs Trailer----02:24" in the form

2. Choose "None" as the value of the "video list style" option on the following interface to remove the interior playlist of the custom flash video player.

3. Choose "vertical-list" from style list and give it an ID (this ID can not be the same as other element's ID on the webpage). Here we named it "vertical-list" for example. Then click "Submit".

4. After publishing and embedding the customized flash video player into webpage, replace this code

<div align="center" class="style3" id="flashcontent"></div>

with the code below:

<div align="center" class="style3" style="height:450px"><div id="flashcontent" style="float:left;"></div><div style="float:left;height:438px;width:200px;"><div id="vertical-list"></div></div></div>